Hotel Ringkøbing

During my November visit to Denmark I had a chance to stay in lovely hotel called Hotel Ringkøbing in the middle of a village of a same name (without “Hotel” part of course).

It was a nice place with big parking. Hotel was divided into different buildings with rooms in who knows how many of them. While walking through village I saw many signs pointing towards hotel even when hotel was far from that spot.

My room was quite big with view of a parking, I could actually see my car just in front of the window. It was on ground floor.

At the entrance was wardrobe and some space for bag (if your bag can fit there, mine not really)

Hotel Ringkøbing entrance

Room was quite big and comfortable, although I would prefer much more light. But usually hotels tend to spare as much money as possible on light-bulbs and electricity.

Hotel Ringkøbing room

Behind the bed was big and scary picture. But I forgot about it as soon as I fell asleep.

Hotel Ringkøbing room and bed

Hotel Ringkøbing bed and scary picture

I found 2 bottles of beer on the table. It was some Danish very light pils. My Danish is not that good but I am quite sure that it said it is free. They didn’t charge me for it anyway. I still didn’t try it, so no idea if it is any good. Last time I was in Denmark I wasn’t impressed by their beer. Probably because before that visit I was in Germany for few weeks enjoying excellent German beer.

Hotel Ringkøbing free beer?

Funny thing it the bathroom number 1 was footprint on top of shower curtain. It is hard to see on this photo, but it looked quite like some sport shoe, something for running. Maybe some ninja was doing cardio in the bathroom (in muddy shoes).

Hotel Ringkøbing ninja

Funny thing number two was all wooden details in the bathroom. It is not so often you find wooden toilet seat. And of course, after good meeting with the Pope everybody must be reminded where they are, so there is big sign with hotel name.

Hotel Ringkøbing shithole

Hotel Ringkøbing bathroom

I really liked ironing board. No idea if it was actually working but this is one of few details that I like to see. It sends a message that hotel cares about all it’s guests, tourists, ordinary working people like me, hookers or high level businessman with OCD.

Hotel Ringkøbing accessories

Hotel has a nice restaurant with good choice of food. Prices are of course quite high like in whole Denmark (even compared to Sweden). Stuff is ok. They didn’t smile too much but I didn’t mind. Nobody in Denmark smiled while interacting with me. But that is ok, I know that they are all acting, at the end, Denmark is happiest country in Europe or even further. One day when I become rich I will move to Denmark. While traveling there it reminded me of my homeland, with all flat fields, and more flat fields. But much more civilized…

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