Hotel Skjern – Skjern

Hotel Skjern is in middle of Skjern – small city in Denmark. I was there for few days and it was ok. Here are few photos from my room, nothing special, but good to sleep and leave some stuff inside.

But before that, lets take a look at standard power outlet in Denmark. I have noticed it now for the first time and it made me laugh a little – because it is logical. Where can you find the happiest people in Europe? Of course, in country of happiest power outlets.

Happy power outlet

Happy power outlet 2

Anyway, here are some photos of the room. First of all, bathroom, not so big but nicely equipped, clean and functional.


At the entrance as in many other hotels there was something that I identify as place for bag. My bag is as usual too big to fit there so I placed my water bottle and some small junk. Room is equipped with water cooker and few bags of tea, some kind of coffee and sugar. Didn’t try any, as usual.


Room looked modern, and it was medium size.

Hotel Skjern Room

Nice and big bed with small reading lights and generic fifty dozens shades of gray picture.

Hotel Skjern Room 2

Only thing that I found not so good in this hotel/room was night table that actually had only two legs and was leaning on wall. It looked very unstable, and it was. There was identical one on the other side of bed. Now I think about missed opportunity to fix them on each other and break hotels physics.

Hotel Skjern unfortunate night table

All in all, nice hotel for stay. It also had it’s parking which was not actually hotel’s, but you could get some paper to stick in car while it is parked. It also had restaurant, but because of my work I was going out of hotel before breakfast started and returned when kitchen was closed. But I managed to get one evening one cup of green tea and it was very nice.

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