My saved places

One of less creepy features of google maps is possibility to save favorite places, and I like to do that. I usually save with star each place where I was sleeping (if I don’t forget), plus there are few more that were somehow special.

I also use “want to go” markers mostly for customers or tourist attractions that I want to visit. These stay on my list sometimes only as long as I reach them, sometimes for months if it is something useful – like gas station on highway close to an airport that I frequently fly from.

google maps want to go

But hearts are special, used only when I want to get somewhere that is important in that moment. It is useful because I can spot it easily on the map and select while driving or running thorough small streets.

Sometimes I was wondering how it would be to have some more symbols, to be able to mark different types of locations. For example, I find it really funny if it would be possible to mark places where I was pooping… List of places where I slept is big, lots of starts on map, but pooping places… that would be impressive collection.

Maybe use special brown triangle as pooping place, or something that even more symbolizes products of human thinking in quiet place…

And then mark sleeping place with something that associates to sleeping… like some clouds, or moon, or simply ZZZZ:

Then it would be awesome to have next situation – place where you have slept and pooped changes automatically to star (like default on google maps). That is a map I would really like to see – full of brown triangles, little bit less stars and little bit less, but still plenty of Zee-s.

When it comes to such advanced location marking it is obvious that there should be symbol for sex (like fucking or similar), and perfect one already exists on google maps – a heart.

Although, in my case, there would be something like 2 – 3 hears on whole globe. With that big amount at least it is easy to spot such places and enjoy nice memories. I do have some friends that would have more hearts than Zees and Poops all together, at least they say so. And why wouldn’t I trust them.

So, if there is any google maps developer that thinks this is a good idea, I will be happy to help and share some more ideas. And don’t worry about copyright claims, its not like google is that nice and honest.

Or maybe somebody already saw application on google play or app store – please send me link or post it in comment.

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