Pingulingo fraud?

Got asked some days ago if pingulingo is delivering what it promises – 2 week program for learning of different foreign languages.

I think it doesn’t. First of all, 2 weeks is not enough for anything. Claiming that something could be done in 2-3 weeks instead of 6-12 months is bullshit. Try making a baby in 1 month and see what you get.

Second – As main representative is stated mr. Davor Vorgić, complete anonymous to search, who somehow can speak 23 languages. I guess if there is such a person it is definitely more famous (at least any other search result than one connected to pingulingo).

What is really interesting is that, searching for this thing I found one more link with similar idea – , but with different name of a guy, David Vranovský

Pingulingo fraud?

What else I found interesting is bunch of witnesses from Facebook, most of them claiming it is actually true with few skeptics. Interesting is that it is not possible to like any of these comments or open profiles of people even if they are shown as links. Web page source file inspection showed that these are all locally generated and have nothing with Facebook except some basic design similarities.

Pingulingo fraud 2

So, stay away from this. Don’t let someone get your money for few lies and nice web-page. And most of all, don’t leave your name, e-mail and other personal data on that web-page (yes, I didn’t put link to it, because I’m not an asshole)

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!