Titan Rower SR890 rowing machine FAIL

I bought Titan Rower SR890 rowing machine some time ago. Due to work and laziness I didn’t use it so much.

Even if it is still new, seat started squeaking. I have ignored it until now, when this squeaking turned into cries of old sick sad dog. Closer look revealed one nut in channel where wheels go, and after I removed seat and managed to get to the nut I noticed that one wheel fell off. Another one is half way to falling which I managed to solve. And all of this after almost 10000 meters rowed in total (10 kilometers), which is extremely small distance.

Fail on rowing machine Titan Rower SR890

But in some theory and practice, technicians usually place a washer or two below screw or nut, specially when these parts are on equipment that is moving or vibrating. In this case split washer or spring lock washer is a MUST.

Lack of these leaves impression that TITAN Fitness is not so professional in assembling their rowing machine. If somebody who wants to by such machine reads this and changes his/hers mind, their loss of profit will be bigger than all the money they saved by not placing 6 washers on roll/seat.

Titan Rower SR890 Seat wheel lose

Titan Rower SR890 Seat wheel lose


And I hope it happens.

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