Visit to Oslo

Few weeks ago I managed to steal some time to visit Oslo. Weather was quite cold and windy, but without rain. I was in few-hours walk through city center.

When I arrived I found parking near Opera, so naturally first thing that I went to check is this building. It looked completely opposite of what I have expected. In my previous experiences with Opera buildings they were usually very old. This one was built in Scandinavian – Minimalist – Brutal-ism style.

View from Oslo Opera

Oslo Opera

Oslo Opera

Whole area was quite fancy, with building facades made from glass and metal. Felt sterile and evil…

Some building in Oslo

Some building in Oslo


In middle of water across of Opera was glass sculpture that from some angles looked like sailing ship. More info you can find HERE.

She Lies in Oslo

After opera I went to city center. It was quite an adventure to get there because of many road works. I didn’t see many undisturbed streets. Lots of holes and blockades made me spend more than half hour walking in circles. Once in the center I was not so impressed, it looked like many other big-city-centers, bunch of people, restaurants, animals and noise. My interest was caught by something looking like palace, which I went to see. Viewed from close it was nothing special, just square pile of bricks with one guard in front of it.

Residence of the King & Queen of Norway

Guards exchanging whiskey in front of the residence of the King & Queen of Norway

Me in front of the residence of the King & Queen of Norway

All this walking made me very hungry so I went back into civilization to find some food. Unfortunately this time of week and day was bad for finding food. Many restaurants that I found were closed. And of course I didn’t want to eat at McD or some other fast food place. While searching I accidentally entered vegan restaurant called Nordvegan, and being very hungry and not so picky I decided to eat there. I took some curry thing with some rolls. That is all I could remember when it comes to names of food, but it was tasty. Rolls were little bit dry and tasted strange because of some seeds/spices, but after bite of roll curry part tasted even better.

Nordvegan lunch – something with curry and grilled tofu

Rolls and sweet sauce

After lunch I was walking a little bit more and headed back to car and then to airport (Oslo airport is for now my favorite airport and I find it the most beautiful airport that I have seen so far)

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