Why blog?

There is so much different ways and platforms to get Andy Warhol’s 5 minutes of fame, or 15… Doesn’t matter, because it is 5 or 15 minutes of fame on average – some will have whole lives of fame, most of us wont have 1 second.

There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, but what is the price? Price is personal data which we generously give for free to these companies so that they can manipulate our views and serve us products for which they are paid to serve, even if we don’t need them. It is still early to see what are consequences of this big data handout. Like few centuries when Native Americans couldn’t really see consequences of trading few fields and bisons for some shitty blankets and colorful beads.

Then there are social experiments on Facebook, censorship on Twitter and shitload of patent trolls on YouTube. All these inconveniences could be avoided with other ones – managing fully independent blog. That way you are only (mostly) fucked by search engine algorithms.

That is why I chose this. I don’t want my nice photos or terrible music being owned by these companies. If they want it, they can download it from here. No easy data!

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  1. uqspam

    Writing for friends, not for the world…

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