Blog post size

What is the perfect size of blog posts? Why care? It actually can affect how much people will read what I write and think about sharing. Some time ago 500 words was perfect, now it is more like 2000+. I guess there is also some kind of fashion in blog industry that determines what should be considered “good blog”. I can’t write 2000 words because I don’t speak 2000 words to tell you something. At least I try, so don’t expect some elaborate essays here.

I did write a book 40 pages long using one word for 99.9% of content. It is of course not published, but when I consider all the garbage I’ve seen in bookshops, I didn’t lose hope.

Some blogs get new posts every day and posts are short and tidy, not more than 700 words. Other blogs grow few times per month but each post is behemoth to read and swallow. I chose something in between, I will post seldom, and short.

This one is now on 170 words, and it is perfect!

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