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Beer – dump

Crni Djordje - najjaci lik na zurci

I don’t really remember how any of these beers tasted. But for the sake of collecting I will put them here. One with cool picture… One for the Christmas party… Another for the Christmas party, because one is not enough…… (Read more)


And finally I got that privilege to drive one BMW (again). And I was slightly disappointed. I can’t say that anything was wrong with how it went, but it went too good. Car was just too comfortable, after 1 hour… (Read more)

Beer – Gurkha

One from Nepal. But not really. It is actually made in UK, and except the name it doesn’t have much connection with Gurkhas or Nepal. There is small story on the bottle about Gurkhas – Nepalese warriors and how they joined… (Read more)

Audi A3

Audi A3

I had a chance (again) while renting car from Avis cunts to get Audi A3 SB E-TRON with automatic transmission. As last time I couldn’t connect my phone because I couldn’t find simple Bluetooth connection. Instead of that there was… (Read more)

Visit to Oslo

Few weeks ago I managed to steal some time to visit Oslo. Weather was quite cold and windy, but without rain. I was in few-hours walk through city center. When I arrived I found parking near Opera, so naturally first… (Read more)

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