Foundry heat

Foundries are very hot. Most of the time they deal with molten metal, and for iron depending on type that happens from 1100 to 1600°C. But if you don’t touch or lick anything it can be fun and interesting place.

So if you want to store iron, things will get hot, like this ladle.

Sometimes when you are tired you must find a place to rest. Easiest is to lean on some wall

But before you do, make sure to check if it is safe…

When it gets very hot, it is time to turn the ventilator to let the air flow. But sometimes, ventilator is so hot that inside is even worse.

That is good time to use bucket of some dry ice… Like jumping in frosty lake after sauna.

Sit in a bucket for few minutes and you are good to go wherever you wish…

And after hard work, make sure to eat some cake.

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