Soft nightmare

Sometimes when I sleep I have very disturbing dream. It is about me missing a flight for any random reason like being late, lost or entangled in some bureaucracy or weird situation that I try to resolve but can’t. I never missed a flight in my life, and only once I was close to that because I didn’t check time of flight, but I arrived at airport well ahead. I find it very bad and embarrassing to miss a flight so this kind of dream for me is like a nightmare. I wake up upset, sad, anxious and feel bad for the rest of the day. Then I get angry because it is a stupid dream and not really reason to be upset as much as I do. I wonder why can’t I have nightmares where I die, or fall from a building or a big ugly monster is chasing me and trying to eat me. I had only one in recent years and that involved a big black wolf jumping on me from dark hole in the ground where I went to search for basketball ball. When I woke up in terror I was quite satisfied with that nightmare, because it was very scary and it was gone. One of few seldom situations when I think about changing my job is when I have my soft-nightmares. Why I have to sit in airplanes dozens of times every month and then in addition to that even get stressed in my sleep? Maybe I would be feeling much better with regular 9-5 job in office and regular nightmares. Nightmares that stay inside of dreams, way far from reality.

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