Extra vacation days

always leave office on time

Very often as one of good things of my job I mentioned possibility or unwritten rule that says if I work during weekend I can take one day of paid vacation more. And it is great, work for the weekend and then skip Monday, if possible. But on the other hand, if I work for weekend that means working 12 days straight, and that is not fun.

Recently I was speaking with some people with different background – growing up and working in normal, functional, first-world country, where such rule actually officially exists, and their point of view is that it is – bullshit.

Reasoning is this: when you work regular day, you get paid regular salary. When you work weekend you get free day. When you have free days that are not spent, they are sold to company after few years. But they are not sold for 100% of salary, but less. That means that in the end, if that free day is not spent as free day, you get paid less than 100% salary. That in other words means that you work 2 days for less than 1 day salary. And it is freaking weekend.

So getting free day is absolutely not good motivation for spending weekends working (if there is option not to do that).

For me it is very interesting that I could never think that way, and if I didn’t find from somebody else, I would never know about this point of view. But now that I know, I must say that I agree.

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